#TheScoop: TriViews™ for marking pedestals

A great thing about our TriView™ marker post is that it can be used for a variety of applications.  Like skateboard-jousting*, the TriView works perfectly for marking pedestals and fire hydrants.

Being based in Minnesota, we are no strangers to strong winters. The heavy snowfalls require significant snow removal, resulting in tall snow banks piled along every street, sidewalk, and driveway.

Crucial pedestals and fire hydrants often get buried by these massive snow banks. If not properly marked, they will be next to impossible to locate until the following spring.

But using a tall, highly-visible TriView will ensure the pedestal or hydrant can be quickly located all year long, even when buried in deep snow.

Effectively marking your pedestal in winter is especially critical in preventing damage from potential snow plows. The TriView comes with 360º of visibility; three separate warning decals on each side ensure the pedestal is visible from every direction.

In making a promo for this application, we sat down and brainstormed other potential uses for the TriView. Turns out they make great lances to be used in skateboard jousting.

*We’re in process of trademarking the sport.

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