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Marking Flags

Rhino Marking & Protection Systems, a leading provider of safety equipment and resources, wants to help organizations like yours acquire the necessary equipment and supplies to stay safe. Our marking flags are one of the many products we design and supply to increase safety on job sites and in the field.

Stake Flags

At Rhino Marking & Protection Systems, you can depend on our utility stake flags no matter what application they’re intended for. We’ve specially designed our selection of flags so they can be used in harsh outdoor environments. Our marking flags are resistant to tearing from high winds and fading from sun exposure. Another reason why our flags are so strong is that we glue them to their staff — not wrap them like some of our competitors.

Construction Flags

Construction sites have many hazards that could lead to significant injuries and asset damage. We understand the dangers these conditions pose, which is why we’re committed to supplying businesses with high-quality construction flags — so employees stay safe while performing their duties.

Survey Marker Flags

Properly marking buried utilities with survey marker flags is crucial for safety and asset protection. Should any underground electrical lines, pipelines, or other below-ground utilities become damaged during excavations, it can lead to expensive repairs and, more importantly, potential injuries. For that reason, having dependable underground utility marker flags is of utmost importance for any construction setting — and at Rhino Marking & Protection Systems, you can rely on them to provide visibility when it’s needed the most.

Custom Utility Flags

When working with Rhino Marking & Protection Systems to design custom utility flags for your business, you’ll have a wide range of options available. We’ll help take the important message you want to be communicated with your utility marking flags and print it so that it’s visible and easily read. Of course, you can also opt for blank marking flags without any text or graphics if that better suits the needs of your business.

Depending on the style of marking flags you select, there will be different color options available for customization. However, no matter which kind of flag you choose for marking, you can trust that their colors will be bright for optimal visibility. Additionally, our flags are made to be resistant to fading, so their eye-catching colors will continue to offer warnings for years into the future.

For Utility Marking Flags and More, Call Us Today

From underground utility marker flags to blank marking flags and our many other products, you can always rely on flags from Rhino Marking & Protection Systems to provide visibility — regardless of their application. We use our experience in the industry to design and supply only the best safety equipment and resources possible when it comes to marking flags and all of our other products. For more information on our selection of other high-quality products, browse the list below:

If you would like to learn more about our professionally-made marking flags, don’t hesitate to contact Rhino Marking & Protection Systems for more information to place your order.