Below Ground Marking

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Underground Utility Markers

If you’re looking for high-quality underground utility markers, then you’ve come to the right place. Rhino Marking & Protection Systems is a leading supplier of underground markers and countless other safety solutions. We have unparalleled experience in our field, which is why you can trust that our custom underground utility markers will provide the visibility you need when it comes to buried lines and cables.

Various Below-Ground Utility Markers

At Rhino Marking & Protection Systems, we have an assortment of below-ground utility markers for you to choose from. Some of the underground cable markers we have available include the following:

Extended Range Ball Marker

No matter how these underground pipe markers are installed, they’ll make it easier to locate buried utilities and other important assets.

Full-Range Markers

These custom below-ground markers allow you to choose as many as 100 characters and can even be programmed to include specific details such as the type of application or placement date.

Near-Surface Markers

Our near-surface markers are easy to install on hard surfaces like asphalt or concrete without the need for extensive digging. In addition, this kind of underground cable marker offers an accurate and long-lasting way to mark buried utilities.

Disk Markers

These custom below-ground markers are excellent for situations where you need a reliable method of locating flush-mounted facilities that have been obstructed by backfill or other debris.

Buried Warning Tape

If an excavator hits your underground pipes, it can lead to several problems — many of which can be expensive and, more importantly, dangerous. For that reason, having underground utility markers that are easily seen is essential for alerting excavators to the presence of buried lines and cables. Our buried warning tape displays a critical message for anyone digging underground near important lines. With the help of our buried caution tape, you can clearly mark your piping below ground and protect infrastructure.

Rhino Mag Underground Utility Pipeline & Cable Markers

One of the many unique buried cable markers we have available is the magnetic Rhino Mags. These distinct underground utility pipeline markers are intended to be buried above your utilities and are detectable at depths up to 10 feet. Not only do these buried cable markers come in several different colors, but they’re also permanent.


Looking for underground utility markers that will offer added protection for buried pipelines? Then Rhino Marking & Protection Systems has a solution for you — Signaltape. This powerful tape can act as a barrier to shield your pipelines thanks to its 3,000-lb. tensile strength aramid fiber membrane. Additionally, Signaltape has bright and visible colors, which also satisfy the underground utility standards for the American Public Works Association.

Underground Utility Markers

From buried caution tape to custom underground utility markers, you can depend on all the products we offer at Rhino Marking & Protection Systems for visible marking. We recognize how essential proper markers are for protecting underground utilities and critical assets, which is why we’ve made it our priority to supply our customers with the highest quality products.

In addition to our selection of underground pipe markers, we offer a wide range of other safety products. Reach out to us if you’re interested in the following:

For more information on our underground utility markers and other products, contact Rhino Marking & Protection Systems today.