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Utility Signs

Rhino Marking & Protection Systems is a leading supplier of a variety of safety products, which includes utility signs. These signs are visible, durable, and will provide effective communication where it’s needed the most. No matter what industry or setting our utility marking signs are used in, you can always rely on them to provide highly-visible warnings.

Custom Utility Signs

When you need custom utility signs for commercial or industrial applications, Rhino Marking & Protection Systems always will have your back. We offer an assortment of customization options to ensure our signs satisfy your specific needs. Almost all aspects of our custom industrial signs can be altered, from custom sizes and shapes to specified graphics and colors. The versatility of our custom signs ensures that the requirements of all safety applications can be sufficiently met.

Rhino UV Armor Signs

All of the signs produced by Rhino Marking & Protection Systems — from the gas service indicators to the water pipeline utility marking signs — are shielded by special Rhino UV Armor coating. Our Rhino UV Armor signs are made to handle outdoor environments, allowing them to resist cracking, breaking, extreme temperatures, and color fading. No matter what custom industrial signs you order, you can trust their Rhino UV Armor will help them endure the toughest conditions.

TriView Signs

At Rhino Marking & Protection Systems, we understand that sometimes it’s best to have important warnings readable from multiple different angles — which is why we offer TriView Signs. These utility signs can be seen from several angles, making them an effective means to communicate warnings. Our Triview Signs are also highly versatile, allowing you to conveniently fasten them to trees, fences, buildings, and other surfaces.


We also provide U-Channels to support larger signs and aerial marker frames. These posts are perfect for mounting a variety of utility sign markers and are also made of a metal that resists corrosion. This makes them ideal for both supporting signs and lasting a long time. Additionally, our U-Channels have several different color coatings for you to choose from, allowing for increased customization when paired with a utility sign.

Call Us Today for Our High-Quality Utility Signs

Whether you need fiber optic cable markers or gas service indicators, you can trust that the utility signs from Rhino Marking & Protection Systems will always surpass your expectations. As one of the leading suppliers of safety products, we understand just how important visible utility sign markers are to the ongoing safety of employees, customers, and civilians — no matter the industry. To that end, you can trust that all of the signs we offer will be of the highest quality.

In addition to our many sign options, we provide a large selection of other safety resources. For more information, some of our other products include the following:

Would you like to learn more about our utility signs and the customization options we have available? Don’t hesitate to contact Rhino Marking & Protection Systems today for more details or to place your order.