Isolation Lever

Rhino Isolation Lever
Rhino Isolation Lever
Isolation Lever Drawing

Isolation Lever

The Isolation Lever Test Station provides easy access for locating technicians, eliminating the removal of bonding and grounding hardware. This lever saves locators time by allowing one quick lift of the lever then placing a locating transmitter clip on the terminal, directly isolating the connection to the cable or pipe.


The Isolation Lever LocatePlate is composed of tin-plated brass and engineering-grade thermoplastic.


The Isolation Lever LocatePlate is 2 ¾” in height and 2 7/16″ in length. Ring terminals with standard mounting holes are ¼”.


  1. Make sure hardware and ground is connected
  2. Place thumb under lever and lift up to isolate
  3. Place locating transmitter clip on terminal for direct isolated connection
  4. Push down on lever when locating is complete