Damage Investigation

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Rhino Hit Kit

Rhino Marking & Protection Systems is a premier supplier of various safety products and solutions, including our hit kits. You can trust that whenever a utility line is broken or hit, your business or organization will be able to rely on the Rhino Hit Kit to record damage.

What Is a Utility Hit Kit?

When utility lines are damaged, it can be difficult and time-consuming to investigate the occurrence without the right resources — and that’s what utility hit kits are for. The kits from Rhino Marking & Protection Systems contain useful tools that will help improve the ability to investigate the root cause of utility line hits.

Underground Utility Damage

There are a variety of essential piping and lines buried underground — sewer lines, pipelines, electrical lines, fiber optic cables, and other critical infrastructure. While these important lines are underground, any digging or excavation done during construction may result in damage. Should any underground utility damage occur, it can result in expensive repairs, hazardous conditions, and — most importantly — injuries. Having a reliable Rhino Hit Kit on-hand will ensure you’ll be able to sufficiently document the accident.

What’s In Our Utility Damage Investigation Kit

Our Rhino Hit Kit contains a wide variety of tools to help you while investigating underground damage. This utility damage investigation kit comes with the following resources:

  • 1 Mark Post
  • 1 Damage Post
  • 35″ or 72″ rigid ruler with a guide
  • Metric ruler
  • 2 marker post bases
  • 4 spikes for holding posts in place
  • A durable bag to carry everything in

Additionally, our utility hit kit comes with several options & add-ons to enhance your investigation experience. Contact us if you’re interested in the following:

  • Additional Damage Post with stand & spike
  • Additional Mark Post with stand & spike
  • Replacement stands
  • Replacement bag
  • Dry-erase board kit
  • Damage instruction training video
  • And more

Utility Damage Photographing

When investigating any accident that occurred at a buried pipeline or electrical line, it’s essential that you gather evidence of damage. By providing visual proof that it’s been damaged, you can mitigate unnecessary and expensive legal actions. When it comes to creating photographic evidence, the Rhino Hit Kit has you covered. Our utility damage photographing tools help you create clear and accurate reporting to ensure all traces of damage are thoroughly documented.

Call Us Today to Acquire Your Rhino Hit Kit

The next time an underground utility line is hit, and you need a way to thoroughly examine and record the damage, the Rhino Hit Kit will be there to assist in the investigation. At Rhino Marking & Protection Systems, we understand how important such documentation is to reducing unnecessary legal actions whenever an accident takes place. For that reason, we’re committed to ensuring the resources in our hit kits are easy to use and of the highest quality.

In addition to our hit kits, we offer a wide range of other safety resources. Give us a call if you’re interested in the following products:

Would you like more information on our Rhino Hit Kits and the additional add-on options we have available? Don’t hesitate to contact Rhino Marking & Protection Systems for more information or to place an order.