ISO Switch Feature


The ISO-Switch™ can significantly speed up locating by allowing the locator to connect to all the facilities at one time with the flick of a switch.

The ISO-Switch™ works by shunting or jumping each one of the laterals with the ground without the need for any external hardware simply by flipping the switch. When the switch is flipped the locator can connect to the ground as well as any one of the four terminals that go to the laterals. That signal shoots out to each one of the laterals and you will be able to locate each one of those services without having to come back to reconnect each time.


  • Provides direct connection for locate techs to hook their transmitter up to within the tracer wire systems
  • Simplifies the locating set up, saving time and labor without the hassles of manipulating terminal hardware
  • Can be integrated in variety of access points: Tri-View Test Station, RhinoDome Test Station, Hideout, Tracer Pit Handholes and more!