TRACER-LOCK® Connector

Tracer Lock Connector Feature

TRACER-LOCK® Connector

Tracer-Lock® Connector direct bury, self-stripping, locking connector system used for making connections to underground tracer wire systems. Our innovative and unique design allows the connector to be installed as an “in-line” or “lateral” connector without stripping the tracer wire.


  • Works with sizes 18 thru 8 AWG. Sizes can be mixed or matched
  • Pre-filled with anti-oxide compound with excellent water and corrosion proofing technology that provides superior electrical continuity
  • Self-stripping design that utilizes a stationary toothed blade for insulation displacement
  • A one-piece connector that utilizes mechanical compression for extreme holding power that no other tracer wire connector can match. holding power. Housing is virtually indestructible
  • Designed to work with all forms of copper, copper-clad steel (CCS), and stainless steel tracer wire