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Our Story

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Rhino has been preventing damage since 1990.  Since our inception we’ve had five presidents, three popes, and zero Vikings Super Bowl wins. 
To prevent damage, and save lives.  We are in this business to make a difference, and we’re passionate about what we do. 
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Our products are all over the globe – from the North Slope of Alaska to the tropical beaches of Madagascar.
We’re the industry leader in providing innovative products, and we have a wall of patents to prove it. 
How We Are Different

We Are Innovative

With 10 US Patents, and more pending, Rhino is the industry leader in providing innovative products in a market segment sometimes looked at as being commoditized. We continue to work closely alongside our customers to develop superior products and customized solutions to help prevent damage to buried facilities and improve communication.

We Are Experts

Rhino has developed Permanent Marking Guidelines that dozens of facility operators have adopted, and we continue to pursue an industry Best Practice, in our effort to protect buried pipelines and cables, employees, and the communities they serve. We have spent thousands of hours in the field working with operators from all industries.

We Are Involved

Rhino’s Damage Prevention Consultants spend countless hours on industry committees volunteering our time and giving back. We Chair the Common Ground Alliance Education Committee, developing the most widely used communication tools in the industry. We work with API, SGA, MEA, and many other industry associations to help share our expertise and connect people from around the country.

Our Mission & Our History

After 30 years of damage prevention Rhino has joined the Presco family along with William Frick and Proline Safety Products under the group name Trident Solutions. Together we prevent costly and sometimes even fatal damages to buried facilities. The company has changed a lot over the years but the mission to prevent damages and save lives never has. Find out more about Trident Solutions at TridentProducts.com

Rhino’s Core Values

WE are team players
WE do the right things
WE are innovative
WE focus on customer relationships and placing them first
WE are appreciative and give back

Rhino Marking & Protection Systems Production Facility

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