#TheScoop: 360º Visibility

We set out to make a video with two goals in mind: 1) showcase the importance of 360º visibility 2) try and pull a prank on Damage Prevention Consultant, Nick Temple. Mission accomplished on both fronts.

Here’s the problem with flat markers and signs: you can’t see them from every direction. Thats why at Rhino, we recommend 360º of visibility as a best practice in your marking standards.

You can never be certain where a potential excavator will be digging, so it is critical that a warning message can be seen in every direction. Better communication will help prevent 3rd-party damages that are costly, and sometimes even lead to explosions.

The TriView marker is the only marker in the industry that can guarantee 360º visibility. The three-sided post comes with three highly-visible warning decals, making it the best option for marking your buried utilities.


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