Tracer Wire

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Durable Tracer Wire

Rhino Marking & Protection Systems is the leading supplier of safety products and equipment used on a daily basis in both commercial and industrial settings. One of the many products we supply is our durable tracer wire, which you can rely on regardless of the application.

Pro-Trace Tracer Wires

If you’re interested in upgrading your standard copper wire to a more high-quality material, then the Pro-Trace Tracer Wires will surpass your every expectation. The HDD-CCS PE45 wires are known for being the perfect combination of ductility, brittleness, and tensile strength to create reliable durability. This trait makes it ideal for commercial and industrial usage as underground tracer wire, as its durability allows it to withstand below-ground conditions.

Pro-Trace Ground Rod

One of the many products we have available at Rhino Marking & Protection Systems is the Pro-

Trace Ground Rod. Designed specially to be used with tracer wire systems, the ground rod helps the wires complete circuits. It has 20 feet of lead wire that grants you more flexible control over its placement, as well as a twist-on connector that allows you to splice it to your tracer wire. In addition, the ground rod is made with aluminum, which pairs well with durable tracer wire in harsh outdoor environments.

Clad Steel Tracer Wire

While all of our underground tracer wire options are durable, the clad steel tracer wire we offer is by far one of the strongest. Made with a high carbon-steel core and metallurgically bonded with copper cladding, it provides outstanding resilience. Not only is it resistant to corrosion, but it has twice the tensile strength, meaning that you can rely on it to withstand breakages that would otherwise harm standard wires.

Gas, Water, and Electrical Tracer Wire

Looking for a versatile yet durable tracer wire that can be used in a broad range of applications? Pro-Trace HF-CCS PE30 is the perfect solution. Whether it’s used as an electrical tracer wire or a gas line tracer wire, HF-CCS PE30 provides ample flexibility. It has a 50% higher break-load compared to other wires, which helps to mitigate damage during service and installations. This tracer wire for water lines and different settings has all the benefits of standard copper wires — such as signal performance and flexibility — while also being less expensive.

For Durable Tracer Wire You Can Trust, Call Us Today

Whether you need tracer wire for water lines or gas line tracer wires, you can always count on Rhino Marking & Protection Systems. We recognize how integral tracer wire is to your operations, which is why we’re dedicated to providing the best tracer wire to our customers. The same is true for all of our high-quality products and is a major reason why we’re one of the leading suppliers of safety equipment, including our test stations — among our large selection of other items.

To learn more about our durable tracer wire options, reach out to Rhino Marking & Protection Systems for further information or to place an order.