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Utility Test Station

Rhino Marking & Protection Systems is one of the leading suppliers of safety equipment for businesses throughout North America. One of the many products we’re known for is our utility test stations, which you can expect to be as high-quality as any of our other equipment and resources. With our tools for testing utilities, you can increase safety, while also saving time and money.

TriView Test Station

The warning messages on our TriView Test Station can be read from all directions, providing you with 360 degrees of visibility. You’ll have room for custom configurations on this utility test station thanks to its industry-standard 11-hole pattern, each of which is one inch in the center. In addition, it’s made with our special blend of thermoplastics, meaning you can rely on it to withstand outdoor environments and harsh conditions.

RhinoDome Test Station

If you’re interested in using dome-style marker posts, then the RhinoDome Test Station will surpass your expectations. The rounder shape of this unique utility test station offers fantastic overall visibility that allows warning messages to be seen from numerous angles. Not only will your message have increased visibility, but it will remain legible for longer because the graphics are hot-stamped straight onto the post.

TriView Locate Posts

At Rhino Marking & Protection Systems, you can trust that all of our products have been developed using our experience in the industry — for proof, look no further than our TriView Locate Posts. As the only self-grounded post in the industry, the TriView Ultimate Locate Posts provide incredible visibility for warning messages. Like our other utility test station products, you can depend on them to endure tough conditions in almost any outdoor environment.

Isolation Lever

Our Isolation Lever is another one of our trusted products. It removes the need for bonding and grounding hardware by creating easy access for technicians. The connection to a cable or pipe can be quickly and conveniently isolated by lifting the lever and putting a locator transmitter clip onto the terminal, saving locators a lot of time in the process.

Call Us Today for Dependable Utilities Location Test Stations

The next time your organization needs reliable utilities location test stations, you can always count on Rhino Marking & Protection Systems to supply the necessary equipment. We’re committed to providing only the highest-quality test station tools to ensure your operations can proceed smoothly and without complication. For that reason, you can expect only the best from our team.

Additionally, we offer several other professionally-made safety products — both commercial and industrial. To browse our large selection of other trusted equipment and materials, consider browsing the following items below:

Want to learn more about our utility test stations and the other equipment we offer? Don’t hesitate to reach out to Rhino Marking & Protection Systems for more information or to place your order.