How Can I Quickly Replace Worn Out or Outdated Markers?

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Permanent markers, effectively placed along rural Right of Ways (ROW), are the most effective way to communicate the presence and approximate location of a buried cable or pipeline.  When surveyed, over 70% of the affected public said they knew about the presence of a buried pipeline because of the presence of a marker. They are a common-sense tool that can reduce the risk of 3rd party damages.

So it goes without saying the information on these markers must be readable and 100% accurate.

So when the facility operator undergoes a change (new ownership, new company name, etc.), replacing and updating all those marker posts can be a headache.  There are basically three options when it comes to remarking your ROW:

1. Replace All Marker Posts Entirely ❌

This option includes a sore back for free.  Digging out and replacing old posts is a tedious and labor intensive task. Not the ideal solution.

2. Replace Post Decals ❌

This approach seems like a good choice, but there is a lot of room for failure.  Individually applying hundreds (if not thousands!) of decals out in the field can take an endless amount of time, and ensuring proper adhesion is no guarantee.

3. Retrofit with a TriView XL Marker Post ✅

Installation takes less than 30 seconds. The TV XL has a larger profile and is designed to slide over existing flat posts as well as regular Rhino TriView® Marker Posts.



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