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How Can I Prevent Homeowners from Ripping Out Markers? Often times, homeowners consider utility markers as a blemish and will deliberately remove them from their property.  Here are a few tactics to help prevent the removal of your markers. 1) Use a Soilmarker    SoilMarkers™ are ideal for residential situations as they are highly visible, yet their low profile allows them to be directly

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What is RhinoPoly®?

RhinoPoly® is our proprietary blend of thermoplastics, pigments, and UV stabilizers. So what does that all mean? Well in our TriView® marker post it means you can run it over many times and it still gets right back up looking good. That’s because of it’s durability and flexibility. In the baking sun in a desert

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What is PolyTech Coating™?

Our patented PolyTech Coating™ blocks damaging UV rays, prevents fiberbloom (bottom picture). It’s available on all our Fiberglass Composite posts and comes with a 10-year warranty. 2,000-hour Weatherometer Testing  Without PolyTech Coating        With PolyTech Coating   Prevents Fading Completely Blocks UV Light Prevents Fiberbloom 10-Year Warranty SunCoat ✔ X X X Polytech

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How Do I Use a HIT Kit?

This video features a step by step guide through the installation process of a Rhino Hit Kit. Step #1 Place “DAMAGE” marker as close to the damage as safely possible. Step #2 Center the “MARK” post on the nearest locate mark perpendicularly from the damage. Step #3 Walk along the locate line 10′ each direction,

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How Do I Lower the Risk of Unlocatable Facilities?

by Chris Thome Unlocatable underground facilities pose a significant risk to excavators and the communities in which they work.  Any facility operator with plastic pipe, concrete, or dielectric cables understands the challenges these assets can pose over time.  Tracer wire can break or corrode, and “detectable” buried warning tape can have a short lifespan. System

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