How Do I Protect Buried Fiber Optic Cable in Rural Areas?


It can be very difficult to protect buried fiber optic cable in rural areas, especially on or near farmland. Farmers may not always request a locate via or by calling 811, so highly visible above ground warning markers and signs are extremely important. To be effective, the farmer or road maintenance crews must be able to see the warning message from any direction.

Signs and cable route markers can also protect above ground fixtures like pedestals. Telephone pedestals are often hit and damaged or destroyed because they cannot be seen. The photos show a damaged pedestal which may be the result of the missing sign and low visibility rusty metal u-channel post. In contrast, the orange Rhino TriView™ will clearly warn anyone coming from that direction. The best option is to slide a Rhino TriView over the u-channel post behind the pedestal. This ensures the pedestal will be seen from all directions with just one TriView, we can help prevent costly damages.


pole with wires
pole with wires
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