How Much Does a Marker Post Cost?

In the era of smartphones and high-speed internet, we have all come to expect information to be instant and at our fingertips.  So, when a customer calls to ask, “What does a marker post cost?” I cringe at the answer: it depends.

Short Answer

There are four key factors that will influence the cost of any marker or sign:

  1. Style: Fiberglass composite or “carsonite” style markers can range in cost from about $9 – $20, TriView and RhinoDome pricing will fall into the same range.
  2.  Size: As the length or size of the marker post increases, so does the price.  When determining the length needed, you must consider the desired above ground height as well as the installation method.
  3. Quantity: Quantity discounts are offered for individual orders, project requirements, or even anticipated annual usage.
  4. Customization: Custom colors, extra holes, or unusual configurations may require additional charges

As an example, if you buy a round Dome-style marker, 72” in length, use approximately 5000 over the course of a year, and require an extra 3 holes to be drilled in specific locations, your cost would be about $12.75 each.

We can provide quotes by phone calling 800-522-4343 or online at

Better Answer – Better Question

The question I would much rather answer, is “What is the cost of a permanent marking system?”

The marker post might be the backbone of your permanent marking system, but it’s only one of many tools you can employ to help increase public awareness and prevent damages to buried facilities.

  • Upright posts along rural ROWs placed at intervals not to exceed 100 yards, will do a good job warning potential excavators.
  • Installing flexible and unbreakable marker posts with a 10 year guarantee (TriView PLUS) will greatly reduce maintenance costs and lower the overall cost of ownership.
  • Using U-Channel posts, drive rivets, and a 4’ RhinoDome allows for fast, easy, and permanent installation slashing labor costs and freeing up valuable time.

In areas where upright marker posts are not practical, surface markers like SoilMarkers, curb markers, and A-Tags will warn potential excavators about the presence of buried facilities.  Ranging in price from less than $1 to $5, these inexpensive and easy to install surface markers are a great way to improve the overall performance of your permanent marking system.

At the end of the day, the reason you install pipeline or cable markers isn’t just to comply with a regulation or follow a design specification.  Permanent marking systems mitigate the risk of 3rd party damages, and the cost of one damage can easily exceed the cost of marking your entire system.

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