TriView® vs. Farm Equipment

Here’s the scoop: our TriView® marker is the most durable marker post on the market. If your pipeline or buried utility is in rural areas where impacts from farm equipment or vehicles is likely, the TriView post won’t let you down.

Our marketing coordinator, Spencer, (seen sporting the sweet bucket hat) took a TriView back to the farm where he grew up in southwest Minnesota to see how many impacts the post would handle before failing.

“This isn’t going to work,” his farmer father declared as they tamped the post in place.

“Trust me, it will pop right back up.” Spencer replied. His dad climbed up into his 12-wheel Ford tractor and ran it over with the 1,200 lb. tires. As expected, the TriView popped right back up.

Then his dad hopped into his beautiful John Deere combine and ran it over. Again, the post immediately popped back into place.

Next Spencer jumped into their Polaris Ranger and proceeded to run it over a dozen more times. The plan was to see how many impacts until it failed, but then Spencer realized that may take a very long time and decided to call it quits (and it was time for lunch).

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