TriView™ Impact Demo on a Frozen Lake!

Marker posts should to be made to rebound to an upright position when impacted from any direction. Any marker or sign left lying flat on the ground, or at an unreadable angle, is of little use to anyone.

Vehicles, ATVs, tractors, and livestock are common agents for impacting markers. Ideally, a marker should be manufactured to withstand repeated impacts from any direction while also not posing a safety hazard on the ROW like metal posts and signs.

Enter the Rhino TriView™, the marker post that you can literally run over with a car and it will bounce right back.  The TriView™ in all its configurations, is manufactured with a proprietary blend of thermoplastics, “RhinoPoly”, making it significantly more flexible and resilient.

To demonstrate, we placed four TriViews™ 20” deep into a frozen lake in Bloomington, Minnesota. Then we rented a fully-loaded SUV and ran them over multiple times at an average speed of 45 mph.

To learn more about how the TriView is manufactured, click here.

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