#TheScoop: National Safe Digging Month

April marks the beginning of spring (“Hallelujah!” – everyone from Minnesota), which also means it is the beginning of the excavation season. The ground has finally thawed and contractors and homeowners are gearing up for those construction projects.

Thats why there is a special effort to promote 811 and calling before you dig during the month of April. Preventing damages to underground utilities doesn’t only save money, it can also save lives.

Damage prevention is no joke, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun promoting it. Our Damage Prevention Consultant, Chris Thome, is a former NFL lineman. For this promo, we wanted to see if he still had his gridiron skills in tact. Our marketing coordinator found out first hand that he still does.

Don’t be a jackwagon. Always call before you dig.

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