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After years of working with engineers and equipment manufacturers to increase sign durability, we were able to develop Rhino UV Armor.

Rhino UV Armor’s patent pending technology is superior UV protection to any clear-coat, and Rhino is the only sign manufacturer with this technology.

With Rhino UV Armor, our digitally printed signs are engineered outdoor use, and come with a 10-year guarantee.

All Rhino-made signs are UV stable, and have superior endurance against breaking, cracking or significant fading due to environmental effects. Rhino UV Armor will guard the legend from bubbling or cracking, allowing the sign to perform its job for a guaranteed minimum of 10 years.

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No Artwork Charges

Creating new artwork is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

1) Send us files of any format, shape, or size.
2) We’ll do the rest, then send you artwork for approval.
3) You get charged $0 (other companies charge a fee!)

A glass saying artwork charges being smashed by a sledge hammer in slow motion
Rhino UV Armor Signs being cut out with machine
Rhino UV Armor Signs with Unlimited Colors
Unlimited Shapes = $0

Requesting unique shapes or additional holes for signs used to greatly increase costs …

Not anymore!  Our flatbed digital cutter is state-of-the-art, so we don’t charge tooling costs or set-up fees. Now you can order signs with creative shapes at no additional cost.  

Unlimited Colors = $0

The term “additional colors extra” used to be enough to squash any creative design plans and give the purchasing manager a migraine. Printing extra colors was just too expensive …

We decided to change that too.  Now we can print elaborate, multicolor legends and full color company logos without charging extra.  We can print to the edge; you can say goodbye to ordinary signs with basic colors and limitations to your layout.

We Have Options: Different Substrates to Best Meet Your Needs
Aluminum Composite Material Rhino UV Armor Sign showing thickness
Aluminum Composite Material (ACM)
Aluminum Gas & Oil Rhino UV Armor Sign showing thickness
Poly Profile

Different situations and environments call for different materials when producing your signs. We have several options to best fit your needs, each with a focus on durability. 

Aluminum Composite Material (ACM):  Two thinly sliced sheets of aluminum thermo-bonded to a polyethylene core, these 3mm signs are twice as rigid as aluminum, weigh 50% less, and will not warp over time when exposed to elements. 

Polyethylene: lightweight, environmentally friendly, gunshot resistant, and no scrap value. 

Aluminum: specifically designed for outdoor use, made from an aluminum alloy.