“Famous Last Words” 2019 CGA Video Contest Winner 🏆

“I don’t need to call 811 … it’ll be fine.”

Fed up with neighboring canines desecrating his back yard, Chris has determined his only solution is to put up a fence before winter. While revving up his auger, next-door neighbor Nick stops by and inquires about the absence of locate marks or flags.

Where Nick fails as a dog-owner, he makes up for in his sense of social responsibility, and quickly gives Chris a little history lesson to explain the dangers of not calling 811 for a locate.


This video was made as part of the Common Ground Alliance’s 2019 Video Challenge. The video was one of the Finalists showcased at the 2019 CGA Damage Prevention Conference & Expo and took home the award for “Best Comedy”

The video stars Rhino’s Damage Prevention Consultants Chris Thome, and Nick Temple, and was filmed about a mile from the Rhino office in Bloomington, Minnesota in Tom Preston’s (another Rhino DPC) backyard.

The video also features a supporting role from one of our highly-visible and durable TriViews, seen in the backyard.

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