EPA releases 7th Drinking Water Investment Survey 

The EPA recently released the 7th Drinking Water Infrastructure Needs Survey and Assessment (DWINSA), providing an outlook on the nation’s water infrastructure over the next 20 years.  A few key takeaways:
  • Drinking water systems will need $625 billion for upgrades
  • EPA projects a national total of 9.2 million lead services lines across the country
  • $422.9 billion is to be allocated for distribution and transmission improvements

Protecting New Water Infrastructure

When rebuilding this water infrastructure, ensuring the locatability of new water pipelines is of paramount importance.   For a small investment in relation to the total cost of these projects, you can deploy tools that will enhance visibility and prevent expensive damages to these critical assets.

  • Above ground marker posts can help create public awareness about the water pipeline and alert excavators to call before digging.
  • Copper clad tracer wire buried directly above the pipeline can help locators easily find the pipeline and accurate mark it. Also, copper clad wire is twice as strong as regular copper while costing half as much.
  • Test stations that provide easy access to terminals make the job of a locator easier and the locate more efficient.
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