How Can I Prevent Homeowners from Ripping Out Markers?

Often times, homeowners consider utility markers as a blemish and will deliberately remove them from their property.  Here are a few tactics to help prevent the removal of your markers.

Lawn Mower driving over Soil Marker with aerial view

1) Use a Soilmarker 


SoilMarkers™ are ideal for residential situations as they are highly visible, yet their low profile allows them to be directly mowed over.


2) Locate marker with a pre-existing structure


Homeowners are typically receptive to co-locating a smaller upright marker post next to a structure that already resides within their property. 


3) Use Safe Materials 


Metal or fiberglass posts can pose a safety hazard (pictured are fiberglass post with evaporating resin, unsafe to touch). Using a plastic material can reduce these risks. 

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