#TheScoop: Curb Markers


Here’s the scoop: this video is not our finest work. We made this video as an excuse to try and prank Kathy and give her a little startle.

“In 2016, there were over 22,000 damages where excavators called 811, but for whatever reason, marks were not visible,” Kathy states while siting the 2016 DIRT Report.

She continues to explain that in some areas where upright markers are not practical, one of our many surface markers may come in handy.

“22,000 damages … pretty scary number,” she closes. This was our chance.

After she said the line, our V.P. of Business Chris Thome hiding around the corner with a bullhorn and after she said the line, he blasted it out. There was one problem: Kathy didn’t even flinch. This left the marketing team feeling equally impressed yet frustrated.

So we just had to wait and scare her later in the day.

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