The Greatest TriView™ Demo EVER

Some people just can’t wrap their heads around the fact the the TriView™ will rebound from any impact. So we set out to create the greatest demo video of all time to prove it once and for all.

V.P. of Business Development, Chris Thome, had a pretty ambitious vision, asking the video to include the following:

✔︎ High Speeds ✔︎ Frozen Lake ✔︎ Cars ✔︎ SUVs ✔︎ ATVs ✔︎ Tractors ✔︎ Cows

He required all these elements along with a promise to have the video “done early – and under budget.”

His wish was the marketing team’s command. The video shoot required 9 TriViews, one frozen lake, seven cows, a 12-wheel tractor, a John Deere combine, a drone, a 4-wheeler, and a rental SUV.

No TriViews were harmed during the making of this video, and each one rebounded with ease from the impacts. The one set out for the cows is still in place to this day, standing tall and looking great.

This video is proof that it’s the most durable marker available in the industry.

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