How Do I Use a HIT Kit?

This video features a step by step guide through the installation process of a Rhino Hit Kit.

Step #1
Place “DAMAGE” marker as close to the damage as safely possible.

Step #2
Center the “MARK” post on the nearest locate mark perpendicularly from the damage.

Step #3
Walk along the locate line 10′ each direction, and secure other “MARK” posts nearest locate marks.

Step #4
Take out the ruler. Place the “0” by the damage and extend towards first “MARK” post.

Step #5
Document the damage. Treat damage area like a clock. Take photos from 50′, 25′, and 5-10’at 12, 3, 6, & 9 o’clock.

Step #6
Document the surrounding area: street signs, equipment, vehicles, potential witnesses – you can never have enough!

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