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Pipeline Safety Cannot Be Overlooked

This was originally sent out as our April 2020 Gas & Oil Industry Newsletter

I. The New Normal & PHMSA Guidance
The two phrases I have grown most weary of in 2020 are “unprecedented times” and “new normal”.  While the world is most certainly upside down, and all our lives have been changed dramatically, it is important that we continue to press on.  Daily routines for pipeline operators and gas companies have changed to mitigate infection risk for workers, but the importance of pipeline safety cannot be overlooked.

PHMSA has issued guidance on stays of enforcement and is limiting inspections, so that operators can safely limit the exposure of its employees, inspectors, and the public.  It is and always has been the responsibility of the operators to do the things they need to do to keep pipelines operating safely, but good guidance from PHMSA and State regulators is important as well.

II. Safe Digging Month
With so many people stuck at home, our honey-do lists have gown as long as our hair. Homeowners are the stakeholder group least likely to call before digging, so it is more important than ever to communicate the importance of having lines located before projects. Many gas companies are stepping up use of social media to increase awareness, but studies show time after time the most effective way to warn landowners about the presence of buried facilities, is a permanent sign or marker.

Often times landowners will not tolerate some types of signage. Operators can both provide a warning and remain in compliance, by employing the right style of marker and communicating their importance to those that live and work around the pipeline. When it comes to pipeline safety, we are all in this together (ugh, that’s the 3rd phrase … ).

Famous Last Words
Hall of Shame

III. Hall of Shame: Marking Failures from Around the World

Poorly maintained and unsightly looking signs are more likely to be ignored or disregarded by the average person.  When a sign looks this bad, it decreases public awareness, reduces brand image, and impairs the safety of the buried utility.

Rhino UV Armor Signs are our patent-pending utility signs that are guaranteed to look amazing – and come with a 10-year warranty.

“Somebody once said I have a face for radio and a voice for newspapers.” 

– Jerry Seinfeld

IV. Must Watch

Want to know the magic behind our new sign making technology?  In this video, Damage Prevention Consultant Dan Zabka walks you through our sign making process in 90 seconds.

The Inside Scoop: News from the Rhino Office

Overheard:  “I’m surprised my wife hasn’t tried to kill me yet.”  – Nick Temple, on the status of his household during quarantine.

Free Sign Sample!:  Fun Signs for the Office or Home

You Can’t Make This Up: Is there a greater example of irony than the Colorado 811 call center’s power being knocked out from a damage?!

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