What is the Best Way to Mark an Electrical Handhole?

Underground handholes offer convenient access to fiber optic cables for splicing and repairs, but their low profiles can also make them difficult to find when they’re covered in snow or obstructed by tall vegetation. Hard to locate handholes can dramatically slow down technicians tasked with restoring service to an area. Even in routine situations, it can waste company and technician time.

3 Rivers Communications out of Montana found a clever and effective solution to the problem. They began marking their handholes with our Rhino TriView®.

The TriView’s unique triangular design is visible from all directions, allowing technicians to quickly find and service even the most covered handholes. Additionally, a ‘Call before you dig’ message is emblazoned on all sides to protect buried assets from accidental damage.

3 Rivers also developed a matching numbering system to go along with their handhole marks. The markers include the C.O./Cabinet number, a letter designating the cable type, the route number, and a number indicating the footage from the office. The footage information allows for an easy cross-reference opportunity during OTDR fiber tests.

This solution, created by 3 Rivers Communications and facilitated by Rhino TriView markers, elegantly accomplishes two things: One, it saves technicians time. Two, it effectively warns excavators and property owners to request a locate before digging.

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