30 Posts for 30 Years – World Record* Impact Demo!

2020 marks Rhino’s 30th year in business (pun intended).

That’s right, we’ve been leaders in damage prevention since 1990, and a lot has happened in the last three decades: we’ve grown, we’ve innovated, and we’ve improved. Now its time for a little celebration.

So, how could we properly honor such a momentous occasion? The only way we know how: an epic impact demonstration with our TriView® marker posts!

We ordered up 30 of our most colorful posts – one for each year of business – and applied custom anniversary decals to each.

After installation, we fired up the Polaris Ranger ATV and plowed them over at roughly 50 mph.

Did they all rebound? We guess you’ll have to watch and see.


*Guinness declined our request to document this impact as a world record. Their loss.

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