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To protect your buried cables

Rhino is constantly working on new ways to protect and mark underground utilities. If you have a product idea or want to make suggestions about a current product, please join our Product Development Team.

3M™ Marking & Locating Products

Buried Warning Tape »

The markers on the tape require no batteries, and there is no need to hook up an external transmitter or search for access points.

Buried Markers »

Provide accurate, convenient, long-lasting methods of marking underground assets.

3M™ Full-Range and Near-Surface Markers can be programmed to include customer-specific information such as facility data, type of application, material type, size, and more.

Locators »

3M™ Dynatel™ locators are rugged enough to stand up to the worst field conditions, yet are highly sensitive to deliver accurate results.

Buried Marking tape for marking pipelines


Utility locating devices
Below ground test station

Rhino HideOut™

Patent Pending.
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Rhino HideOut™

Using the Rhino HideOut™ allows locators to easily detect your utilities year round, with its internal metal plate.

Low profile test station that survives mowing and reduces vandalism.

HideOut™ Installation Video

Installation of the Rhino Hideout

The installation of the Hideout is simple and fast.Visit the HideOut product page.
Upgrade old utility bullet posts

RhinoDome™ Wrap

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RhinoDome™ Wrap

Upgrade old or worn out dome posts in a fraction of the time it takes to replace aged or faded markers.

RhinoDome™ Wrap Installation Video

Installation of the RhinoDome™ Wrap

The installation of the RhinoDome™ Wrap is much faster than replacing old posts. Visit the RhinoDome Wrap product page. »
Extra large utility locator flags

Rhino Super Flag

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Rhino Super Flag

The Rhino Super Flag will mark areas with tall vegetation where regular pin flags cannot mark effectively.

Upgrade a TriView to a test station

Rhino TriView™ Test Station Retrofit Kit

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Rhino TriView™ Test Station Retrofit Kit

Convert your TriView™ into a test station without uninstalling old posts and reinstalling new test stations.

Upgrade u-channel utility posts to high visibility

Rhino TriView™ 400

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Rhino TriView™400

Using the Rhino TriView™ 400 provides an easy, low maintenance upgrade to old water and sewer line markers. Use this product to upgrade old u-channel posts or fiberglass markers.

TriView™ 400 Upgrade Video

See how the TriView™ 400 instantly creates a highly visibility marker.

The installation of the TriView™ 400 is simple and fast.Visit the TriView™ 400 upgrade page.