December 2014 Newsletter

What’s coming in 2015?
Just like every year, there will be lots of changes in the pipeline industry in the coming year, but 2015 just might see some of the biggest changes in decades.  Technology continues its rapid race forward, PHMSA has new rules on the horizon, and many new projects will get underway.  Here are a few items that caught my eye.

Here Come the Drones

Drones to monitor pipelines in the future?

Drones have been all over the news for the past couple years, and in 2015 the FAA is expected to approve their commercial use for pipeline monitoring in the US.  BP has done some trials in Alaska, and both Enbridge and TransCanada have proved their value north of the border, so we are sure to see the beginning of what will be a far greater use in 2015.
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Technology Improving SafetyThe future of safety in the pipeline industry

The oil and gas industry is undergoing a transformation right now—both in terms of technology and workforce. This throws up a new set of challenges for these companies and their stakeholders, especially when it comes to safety. Oil and gas companies must ask themselves today: What do all these changes mean for the safety of their processes and workforce?
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Keystone XL
If there is one story I am tired of, it’s the “Keystone debate.”  For most industry people, Keystone represents far more than just a large pipeline project.  The debate is really about how we are going to serve our Nation’s energy needs in the coming decades.  All of the production in North America has had a tremendous impact on the world oil market, and major projects like Keystone XL are crucial to the safe transportation of both oil and gas as we march toward North American energy independence.  With the new congress set to meet for the first time in January, look for this and other needed projects to finally get underway.

Looking Ahead To 2015
If your organization is planning a new project for 2015 we hope you will let us help.  Your permanent marking system is far and away the #1 reason people are aware of the presence and approximate location of your pipeline, so it is vitally important to choose the most effective and efficient marking system available.  We can help provide engineered specifications, estimated quantities needed, installation instructions and marking system design.  With over 5,000 customers and countless hours out on the ROW, we hope you will let us use our experience to create the best damage prevention tool available.

Rhino Markers teamAs we say goodbye to 2014, we remember and recognize all that we are grateful for.  From all of the new faces we met, to our long-time customers and friends and to those we work with everyday, we are grateful to be involved in such a dedicated and passionate industry. 2014 was a great year for so many reasons. From the successful public awareness events, to fundraising for charities and partnering with safety organizations, I am proud to be part of such a giving industry. With your help, I know we are making a positive difference in many many ways.

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