RhinoWire iSTRETCH™ - Innovation to answer your toughest and most frustrating utility locating problems

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* Abrasion resistant and impact resistant

* Stretches up to 40%

* Up to seven conductors available

RhinoWire iSTRETCH™ will solve one of your most challenging utility locating problems. Its durable, flexible material will end tracer wire and locator lead breaks. Even in the toughest of soil conditions, RhinoWire iSTRETCH™ will help you get your locate done without the frustration of wire breakage.

RhinoWire iSTRETCH® tracer wire is highly detectable and is designed to localize lighting strike damage.


* Rhino Locator Leads

RhinoWire iSTRETCH™'s technology allows the new Rhino Locator Leads to promise no more tangles, no more breakages. Rhino Locator Leads perform under extreme conditions.

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See how this revolutionary product is changing the lcoating industry.
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