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100% Recyclable, green marker post Rhino 400 Series SoilMarker

The Rhino 400 Series SoilMarker is a one-piece marker with a 4” round top and 8” stake.
It has a choice of stake styles with or without anchor barbs.

The warning message is molded into the SoilMarker top and is completely customizable.

The 400 Series SoilMarker is:

• Fade Resistant
• Temperature Stable/UV Stable
• Made with durable RhinoPoly™
• Rugged/flexible
• Warning legend is molded into the top
• Available with or without anchor barbs.

SoilMarkers quickly locate underground utilities and buried drops, stub ends, valves, handholes, manholes and test stations.

The SoilMarker top is 4” in diameter with a 8” stake.

Locatable Option

Brass Terminals give you access to your tracer wire. Steel rings with a brass terminal allow the marker to be found via a locator.

Available colors include:

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red
  • Purple
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • White

Custom colors are available.
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Rhino 400 Series SoilMarker
Soil marker to mark underground pipes and cables
Rhino SoilMarker to mark underground utilities

Soil marker for marking underground utilities
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Utility marking in residential areas
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