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Recyclable Rhino HideOut™

The Rhino HideOut™ is a 24” flush mounted test station.  The Hideout's design allows for easy access to wires when attached to the sliding terminal board.  The HideOut is locatable, comes standard with an integrated steel plate beneath the cap.

The HideOut has a locking cap that also offers a highly visible, low profile warning message and comes punched with the TriGrip™ Anchor System, allowing it to lock into the ground in varying soil conditions.

Standard legends are avaiable for Natural Gas, Gas, Water, Sewer, Fiber Optic, and Cable.


The Rhino HideOut is made of durable RhinoPoly and can withstand temperatures from -40° to +150° F. The 7" round cap is fade resistant, UV stable, impact resistant and rugged. The Rhino HideOut is designed to be flush mounted and will eliminate any interference with mowers.


The Rhino HideOut offers a customizable warning legend.  The legend is hot stamped into the plastic and will not scratch, peel, or fade for at least 10 years.  Some art and plate charges apply for custom legends. 

Two internal terminals and a lock are standard, additional terminals, custom hardware, or the Rhino LocatePlate are optional.

US Patent US 2014/0216328 A1


Rhino HideOut

Below ground test station for locating underground utilities

Standard LegendsStandard warning legends for below-ground test station

Locate plate

You can upgrade TriViews to test station
Rhino offers 3M EMS buried tape
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