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The Rhino Excavation Safety Kit™

The Rhino Excavation Safety Kit provides maximum protection against excavation. It is highly-visible and the contact information is permanent on the sign and decals.

Use the Rhino Excavation Safety kit in High Consequence Areas* to ensure excavation is not performed without a company representative at the site.

The Excavation Safety Kit is reusable and is meant to be moved from location to location. This kit enables companies to

“195.452 (5) provide for temporary marking of buried pipelines in the area of excavation activity before, as far as practical, the activity begins.”

  The Rhino Excavation Safety Kit

Rhino Hit Kit
*CFR (Code of Federal Regulations)
Regulation 195.452 Section I states:
"An operator must take measures to prevent and mitigate the consequences of a pipeline failure that
could affect a High Consequence Area.

The Rhino Excavation Safety Kit features:

  • High visibility marker post
  • Red and yellow diagonal slash decals on three sides of post
  • Gunshot resistant signage

Order the Excavation Safety Kit by calling Rhino Marking and Protection Systems at 800-522-4343.

US Patent #6099203, 7025016, D525721

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