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Part of the 3M™ Electronic Marker System (EMS)

The new 3M™ EMS Marker/Tape Locator 7420 allows the user to locate existing EMS markers as well as read/write to 3M™ iD markers. It is as easy as selecting “path” marker locating for 3M™ EMS Caution Tape or “iD/EMS” for point marker locating. The push of one button will provide the depth to any of the underground markers.

Other 3M locator models available:

  • 3M™ Dynatel™ Advanced Pipe/Cable Locator 2220M
    The easy-to-use locator is rugged enough to stand up to the worst field conditions, yet is highly sensitive to deliver accurate results. The locator’s two active trace frequencies, 8 kHz and 82 kHz, can be used for most underground locating applications. The operator can choose the frequency best suited for the situation, allowing maximum performance.
  • 3M™ Dynatel™ Marker/iD Locator 1420 with the ability to read/write and lock programmed information into the EMS buried markers. More info on 3M buried markers >> The 1420-iD series also pinpoints the exact depth and location of all existing models of properly installed underground passive Electronic Marker System (EMS) markers easily differentiating between standard frequencies. Detailed information can be read, stored with a date/time stamp and transmitted back to your PC for enhanced resource management.

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3M™ Series 7000
EMS Marker/Tape
Locator 7420

3M EMS marker and tape locator for buried pipelines

3M™ Dynatel™ Advanced Pipe/Cable
Locator 2220M

3M locator for underground pipes and cables

3M™ Dynatel™
EMS-iD Marker Locator 1420

3M Locator for id markers
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